“Redford addresses Medevac, air quality issues with R-G”

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Peace River Record Gazette – Redford addresses Medevac, air quality issues with R-G

From the Article

Peace River MLA Frank Oberle, who was also on-hand, announced, along with Redford, that there has been progress made in terms of addressing the air quality issue in the Three Creeks/Jean Cote/Reno area from surrounding oil and gas emissions.

“We take this issue seriously and everyone admits there’s an odour problem. We know there’s an odour problem and the question is what can we do about it?” Oberle said.

“Last week (mid-February) in a cabinet meeting we delayed the decision on a large new project in the region which would have added additional wells and additional odour. The energy minister (Ken Hughes) signaled very strongly to the industry and to the ERCB (Energy Resources Conservation Board) that we’re not happy with their situation and it’s going to be fixed.”

Redford, who says she was happy with the progress, feels that the oil and gas industry needs to respect the communities they’re working in.

“They (the companies) shouldn’t be taking for granted that the Government is going to give them regulatory approval if they’re not taking these issues seriously.”

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  • Julie Ali

    March 3, 2013 at 1:03 am

    So let me get this clear. How long has this issue being going on?
    And it is only now that we have the Alberta government taking “these issues seriously”?

    Is it any coincidence that the Alberta government is taking these issues seriously because the publicity about these issues is finally getting to Edmonton and Calgary?

    I mean I never heard of these issues in Peace River in Edmonton and I wonder why?

    Could it be that our newspapers only publish positive spin?

    Or part of the truth?

    Or may be only what the Alberta Government wants them to publish?

    I have to admit, I can’t trust that I will learn anything about pollution issues with reference to the oil industry from the newspapers, radio or television in Alberta. And forget about learning anything from the government at all levels other than soothing lines of 1984-speak variety.

    I feel that citizens need to yap a great deal more on blogs because this seems to be the only way we get any sort of response from the Alberta government.

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