8 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Mattress Dropshipping Store

How To Start Your Dropshipping Adventure

1. Firstly, you should made a search to find the supplier whose assortment suits you and who’s ready to deal with drop shipping. Believe me,the choice is huge. Do you want to drop ship the children’s toys? Or, maybe, you want to know how to dropship sleeping products? It’s up to you, just choose. But we have to warn you that the drop shipping scheme is known as a risky one, so your search might not be simple. We will tell you more about it. When you’ll find the proper suppliers, go into their conditions. Remember, according to the conditions of drop shipping margin is always up to you.

2. Then you should start an online store. If there is no possibility to start a store – lack of money, perhaps – make it through the social media, as Facebook etc. Make the catalog of your supplier (or several). And remember: the prices should already include your markup.

3. Run ads on all available channels. There are several ways: contextual advertising in the search systems, ads in social networks, search engine optimization, landing pages – everything that allows your budget. If you’ll succeed, you will soon have your first clients and earnings.

4. Order the needed products from the supplier and tell him the address of the client. You pay the goods by the supplier’s price, then you take away an extra charge.

5. The order goes to the client without your intervention.

6. The client received his order, he is happy with it, and you see that your first transaction was successful.

What Can Go Wrong?

We’ve just cleared up how to start drop shipping. But in sales, not always everything goes as perfectly as we described above. This form of cooperation sometimes presents challenges and difficulties.

1. You, as the facilitator, may not have information about the state of affairs on the stock of your suppliers. Therefore, the information about the products you provide to your customers may not be fully consistent with reality. To avoid misunderstandings, you should get access to the warehouse balances from suppliers and personally monitor the movement of goods by all suppliers.

2. It is possible that the client will place an order for several products that are from different suppliers. Then he will receive your order in multiple deliveries. And it promises him extra expenses if the delivery is paid not by the sender, but by the recipient.

3. You can not fully control the course of the transaction, as its success does not completely depend on you, in the presence of a third party (suppliers). It is you who will get all the claims of the client about the delivery of the goods, its quality, configuration, etc., as the client made the order from you. To somehow affect this process, you can track the delivery of goods to Ukraine (or another country) on the website of the carrier by the number of the Declaration that you receive from the supplier.

4. Financial risks are also possible in case of return of the goods. The resolution of such disputes depends on your agreements with suppliers.

Post Author: Adam D. Rasnick